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Week of Nov. 23 2013


November 17-23 2013 Week in Review: #socialfail

November 24 2013 - Rhea Creo

From England - Newcastle Footballer/Soccer player in hot water [11.17.2013]

Attention Sports stars, Twitter, the least forgiving of all

If you're hoping for the information you post to remain private, social media just isn't the place for you.

Newcastle United player Steve Taylor became aware of the repercussions of posting the wrong thing on social media when he tweeted about his fellow dark-skinned team mates with a photo attached showing men in black masks with only their white teeth shining through, a man with with an afro and one, an actual photo of his team mate himself.

Although taken in good humor by his teammates, the rest of the social media world wasn't so forgiving. Taylor now faces a fine from Newcastle United and could possibly be charged by the Football Association for his racist tweet. He later sent out another tweet, this time a more sincere on which read "Apologies if my tweet offended anybody" in response to the fact that the previous tweet was just a meaningless, private joke between friends.

Newcastle's Social Media Policy

As this was not the first Twitter controversy that Newcastle has had, back in 2011, Joey Barton complained on Twitter about spending policies and teammates which led to a new social media policy by Newcastle.

Staying with the Football theme, Lexy Blackwell, wife of Swansea footballer player Gary Monk has outraged fans after a recent tweet where she said

"I hate living in Swansea. I'd do anything for Gary to move" Lexy Blackwell

The tweet is in response to a recent burglary that took place at the house of the couple, however, the fans and people of the city were outraged that she, being the wife of a local footballer, would bring such negativity to the football club and the city.

It turns out even a minor feeling or frustration that one might post on twitter must be thought through a thousand times before posting. It seems the social media world isn't so forgiving.

Blackwell replied with a tweet asking for sympathy, explaining to her followers that it's her birthday, she's pregnant and was simply just having a bad day and that her husband is committed to the club he plays for and a move is nowhere in their near future.

Let's hope her followers and Gary's fan are at least the slightest bit forgiving....

Parole Felon tries to justify his position on Facebook

Now if you want an epic social media fail to end this week with, this is definitely it! You’d think when you were the most wanted man, you know, you’d try to keep as low a profile as possible, right? Well not Nicholas Emond.

He was wanted by the US Marshals Service’s New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force for parole violation on a possession of firearm charge, but Emond seemed to do little to hideaway from the authorities. Instead he took to Facebook as his alter ego ‘Sin Demon’ after the New Hampshire station posted a photo of him to their Facebook Page.

His use of social media was aimed at telling his side of the story with him comments that stated

“I am far from an angel but I am even further from the dangerous criminal they’ve made me out to be” Wanted Felon Nicholas Emond
“I’m not armed and certainly not dangerous u all”

And yes, he was arrested two days after his social media stint...

H/T to Deadspin for the image